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Something my Dad told me when I was growing up, "when you get older and start working your way up the ladder of success, always remember to put one hand down to help the person behind you make it up, just as someone else has been helping you make it up". The links you'll find on this page reflect either folks our business has had a direct working relationship with, websites I find particularly useful, or groups and organizations that have helped me either personally or professionally. -Tim-

Our business partners

  • The UCC Small Business Development Center
    It is my opinion that anyone starting or wanting to learn how to maximize a business in Douglas County Oregon seriously consider the programs and counciling available through this program. I can't overstate the benefits my relationship with this organization has had on our business.
  • Hotsy Pressure Washers
    It's a good feeling when you finally reach one of your goals. I'd long known Hotsy sold the best pressure washers and steam cleaners in the US. Two years ago our business was fortunate enough to earn the right to sell this great product in our area. The product, customer support, and more are what sets them apart. We look forward to many years of mutually benificial business with this company!
  • Think Local Umpqua
    Economic Development of our local economy is important to all of us fortunate enough to call Douglas County Oregon home. A project of Neighborworks Umpqua, Think Local Umpqua works to help independent businesses prosper, and communicate to our community the economic benefits of doing business with a locally owned independent business.
  • Graco Paint Sprayers
    Pioneers in sprayers for architechtural coatings, Graco is simply the industry standard. If you need a paint sprayer, let us set you up with the right product from the best manufacturer in the business.
  • Young Entrepreneurs Society
    Sometimes its enough to just know there are other folks out there that understand what life is like in your line of work. As entrepreneurs, your business generally consumes most every ounce of energy you've got. Trevor Mauch was kind enough to organize an opportunity locally for like minded folks to gather once a month in a laid back environment for casual conversation and also runs a book club for folks to participate in.